Our Mission

Building partnerships, developing leadership and focusing on schools as the “nucleus” of our community and thus create anecho system of learning oriented growth for students,teachersand parents. Sahodaya’s mission is to shareintellectual resources, spreadprogressive awareness and strengthen potentialscollectively as aforce and forum to achievenoteworthygoals for humanity utilizing the best integrated opportunities thus crafting aholistic society.

The specific aims and objectives of setting up this SahodayaAhmedabad School Complex are as follows:

  • To provide an open platform for active participation among member schools in development activities.
  • To become a bridge between C.B.S.E. and member schools in implementation of its policies, projects, distribution of Publicationsetc.
  • To encourage interschool collaboration by sharing of experiences and facilities.
  • To encourage academiccollaboration through teacher exchange, joint seminars, workshops and trainings. Also encourage professionalism among teachers and promote innovation among member schools.
  • To help member schools follow norms and conduct as prescribed by C.B.S.E.